Elizabeth Mckinnon talks about the May 9th Aphasia Retreat Day at Woodeden Camp
Aphasia is an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. Aphasia is always due to injury to the brain-most commonly from a stroke, particularly in older individuals. But brain injuries resulting in aphasia may also arise from head trauma, from brain tumors, or from infections.
Aphasia can be so severe as to make communication with the patient almost impossible, or it can be very mild. It may affect mainly a single aspect of language use, such as the ability to retrieve the names of objects, or the ability to put words together into sentences, or the ability to read. More commonly, however, multiple aspects of communication are impaired, while some channels remain accessible for a limited exchange of information. It is the job of the professional to determine the amount of function available in each of the channels for the comprehension of language, and to assess the possibility that treatment might enhance the use of the channels that are available.
Aphasia Retreat Day:
Rejuvenate Health Services is the Corporate Sponsor for the first London, Ontario area Aphasia Retreat Day in partnership with March of Dimes and UWO's Communication Disorders Dept. Saturday May 9th from 9 until 4 p.m. at Woodeden Camp in Kilworth. This is an aphasia friendly recreationally oriented day with a variety of activities and sports. Space is available for 20 people with aphasia and 20 family members or friends. Registration Deadline April 10, 2015 Contact us at lmackinnon@rejuvenate-hs.ca