Community Volunteer Income Tax Program ( CVITP )
Venue & Time
The training and software provided to volunteers helps them to assist eligible individuals with a variety of simple tax situations.
The software automatically advises the volunteers of new programs and many beneficial deductions and credits such as working income tax benefit advance payments, the
disability amount, and the refundable medical expense supplement.
Individuals normally served by the CVITP include: (see also:  Are you eligible for CVITP  help? )
Low-income individuals and social assistance recipients
   – Low-income individuals, working families, persons with disabilities, and assistance recipients, make up a large part of those who use the CVITP.
Newcomers to Canada
   – The CRA actively partners with multicultural organizations that specialize in welcoming newcomers to Canada and helping them succeed.
   – Volunteers can ensure that seniors take advantage of all the credits and deductions to which they are entitled. They can explain the pension income splitting provisions and check to see if the senior has applied for the Guaranteed Income Supplement if they are eligible.
  – Students need to understand the reporting requirements for scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, and artists’ project grants, many of which are not taxable. They also need to claim all their eligible amounts.